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Mindset over money: why spending more on marketing is not the answer


A fascinating development for me as I work with accountants all over the world is discovering those who are more than ready to spend money – serious money, big money even – on their marketing….and yet these accountants could still be setting themselves up for a big fall.

How could that be? Isn’t the biggest hurdle for accountants to overcome that of being ready to big-scale invest in their marketing?


I would argue that the biggest hurdle accountants are facing today is that of changing your mindset entirely.

When you approach marketing with a personal, interested, involved attitude, it will revolutionise your results.
Accountants are often given quite a hard time about marketing. They’re told that they are not good at marketing (or design, or writing content, or social media). If you’re an accountant, it’s likely you tell yourself that on a regular basis.  

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About the author

Karen Rayburn, the Profitable Firm

Karen is a creative-minded individual who specialises in online marketing for accountancy firms. A former accountant, Karen set up The Profitable Firm to work exclusively with modern, digitally minded accountants all over the globe who want to use online marketing to their best advantage.