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A new year, a new global economy, and what that means to The Xero community

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The past year has shown the most profound shift in the free marketplace globally since the early 1980’s. Among the largest changes?

  • The United Kingdom leaving the European Economic Union (BREXIT).
  • The continuing bad news coming from many members of the EEC, including Greece and Italy.
  • The rise of populism against globalism.
  • The continuing success of populism in national elections.
  • The election of Donald J. Trump to President of the United States along with conservative control of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, and the legislatures and governorships in forty-five of the fifty States.
  • The continuing rise of terrorism from radicals in Europe, the United States, and in other nations around the world.

The combination of these factors has a more profound impact than most realise. In many ways, it is great news for SMEs, and from that, great news for the financial potential for the Xero community. Understanding it is the key to the next steps in the coming years.

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Peter Vessenes, Founder and CEO, ProfitSee

With over 30 years experience in the financial industry, Peter is the CEO of ProfitSee, an all-in-one financial analysis and budgeting software that helps business owners and financial advisors alike gain powerful insights to manage cash flow, grow profitability and increase valuation.