ApprovalMax XU Magazine - Issue 10

How simple process automation helped increase efficiency & growth


Reviewing the effective productivity solution for the shared accounting services of a growing investment company

The brainchild of Chris Phillips and Brooke Bryan, Just Develop It was launched in early 2008.

Today, we specialise in building, developing, and investing in companies across a wide range of industries, including property, technology, and online solutions. However, when we first started we had just one company to our name: Intellichat.

Admittedly, this was quickly followed by a second, Just Host, and from that point on we’ve grown to encompass a number of market-leading companies under the Just Develop It banner.

But this growth hasn’t been without its challenges.


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About the author

Tom Barrett, Chief Financial Officer, Just Develop It

Tom looks after the pennies while everyone else is focused on the pounds. He works diligently to oversee the accounts for all companies within Just Develop It.