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Move to high-tech, high touch and watch your billable hours grow


Accountants are sitting on a powerful engine of evidence-based financial strategies. Leveraging Xero and its library of connected apps can help you move easily into a strategy-based business approach and effortlessly increase your billable hours.

I was recently at an accounting conference where the most-attended seminar dealt with building and tending client relationships. The speaker was an accountant who told a breathless audience that her key tactics for managing client relationships were handed down from her boss and revolved around the distribution of promotional items – cards, calendars, pens, and similar consumable ‘stuff’. The presentation was full to capacity and advocating yesterday’s advice: that we market ourselves in the most static, low-yield way possible.

It was like witnessing a replay of that old story about the young woman who makes her roast beef by cutting off the ends – just as her parents and grandparents always did.  It’s only later that she discovers that the family ‘tradition’ came into practice because the roasts that Grandma bought were always too big for her pan.

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Barb Easter, Manager of Customer Engagement, Dryrun

Involved in business development and growth for the past decade, Barb’s experience includes successes across various industries in customer engagement, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Today, Barb helps Dryrun users reduce their financial hurdles and grow their business.