XU Magazine - Issue 10

On the back of a beer mat…

Wes and Dave
Written by Bethany Cox

Like all good ideas, it started between the two brothers in a pub back in December 2013. David and Wesley had been chatting about Xero and how all the guides and information were scattered across the web, meaning users had to go and dig around to find everything. It made perfect sense to us to pull as much of this information as possible into one platform.

Xero has many different features, and there is a wealth of information out there available to its users including blogs, forums, and articles, as well as the ever-increasing pool of Xero’s own resources. As Xero Users ourselves, we didn’t always have time to go and search through this supply.

And so we knew exactly what we wanted to create. Our goal was to be informative, topical and impartial, bringing all of the  valuable information out there into one place, to save Xero users treasured time and effort.

The initial campaign began on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site for entrepreneurial ideas…perfect for us! This was the start of our journey to equip the Xero community and draw it together. Our aim was simple: to create a magazine for Xero Users, by Xero Users.


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