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Taking the auto-magical to the next level: EntryRocket saves time and money in ways you could never imagine

Auto-magical. Bringing auto-imagination to life. Whatever you want to call it. EntryRocket (formerly known as CSV2Cloud) is the automation engine that is changing lives around the world.

You may not know them by name, but rest assured, there are two humble, hard working European gentlemen programming away, working long nights and early mornings, creating automation magic for Xero users just like you.

Whether you want to get information into Xero fast or get it out fast, EntryRocket has you covered. It is the piece of the puzzle that fits in perfect place for you when nothing else does. It’s the gap-filler you won’t ever want to let go of.


EntryRocket does two very complex things very well: 1) gets any data into Xero fast, data that you would usually have to enter or import manually, and 2) exports data out of Xero – in any way that you need it.

In order to explain how EntryRocket makes the complex simple, let me give you some real life scenarios to paint a picture.

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About the author

Jeri Murphy, Co-Founder, WhichAddOn.com

Jeri is one of the world’s top cloud integrators helping businesses and their advisors move into and maximise the cloud. As an ecosystem expert trainer and cloud integration specialist, Jeri spends her time discovering hidden Add-ons and Apps that make a difference in the world and bringing them to light.