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The ideal client: choosing the right clients and delivering valuable customer service

Every Xero adviser aims to deliver the best possible customer service to its clients – but have you ever stopped to consider what your ‘ideal client’ actually looks like? Nicola Anderson, from GoCardless, takes us through the importance of adding genuine value for clients, and making sure this is a two-way relationship that also adds value for your firm.

48% of the UK’s small and medium-sized businesses name their accountant as their most trusted business adviser. As a cloud-based accountant, your Xero practice undoubtedly takes pride in delivering the best possible service to every client.

But have you ever thought about whether the businesses you work with are the most valuable clients for the long-term success and profitability of your firm?

It can be counter-productive to work with clients who aren’t a good fit, such as demanding business owners who eat into your fee-earning time. Sometimes there’s more value in focusing on the right client type and pouring your energy into a more productive working relationship.

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About the author

Nicola Anderson, VP of Marketing, GoCardless

Nicola is VP of Marketing at GoCardless, the cloud-based Direct Debit payment solution. GoCardless works with its accounting partners to help improve payment, cash-flow processes and wider practice systems.