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Why Philanthropy Matters: Your Small Business Guide to Giving

Female hands giving red heart
Female hands giving red heart

Social responsibility initiatives offer profound benefits for small businesses and the communities they care about. Better yet, they don’t have to cost a fortune. Caitlin Sisley explores some budget friendly possibilities, and the positive flow-on effects of inspiring a ‘culture of giving’ within your business.

2016 was a strange and unsettling year.

As a global community we were brought to our knees by shocking political events, civil unrest, extreme earthquakes and the devastating crisis in Syria. We wept as many of our beloved musical icons passed away – including Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen.

The year as a whole left many of us feeling shaken, in need of a hug and a stiff drink.

In the wake of this turmoil and sadness, how we treat our fellow humans in 2017 seems more important than ever. I hope we see a renewed focus on community and caring. I hope more people start embracing humanitarian ideals on both a personal and professional level.

It’s time to bring compassion, empathy and generosity back into our daily lives; and small business has an important role to play.

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About the author

Caitlin Sisley, Marketing Content Writer, WorkflowMax

Caitlin has over six years of experience in the digital content world and has worked on social media campaigns, SEO blogs, press releases and creative copy for a large number of New Zealand businesses. With a Master’s Degree in Human Rights, she is not only passionate about business but also corporate responsibility, ethics and humanitarian issues.