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Boma’s self-drive marketing platform takes Xerocon Melbourne by storm

Ian Christie-CMYK
Written by Ian Christie

Founder and CEO Ian Christie explains what the digital marketing revolution means for accountants, and how his start-up will help your firm stay ahead of the digital game…

Xerocon Melbourne in September was a litmus test for Boma. Our vision and development of a digital marketing platform that would democratise marketing technology was launched, it proved to be a truly overwhelming experience. The support and response we received over both days proved that the market is hungry for a digital marketing platform that is easy to use and allows for effortless content creation. The accountants and bookkeepers who spoke to us, many of whom have already signed up, were most excited to have a simple and effective way to take control of their digital marketing, and liked that it’s affordable too.

Having worked as a strategic advisor to growth companies, my marketing focus has made clear that new technologies in general, and social media in particular, are disrupting traditional business practice, marketing models and client attraction/retention. It has never been easier to reach out and engage with clients old and new, the downside of this is that if you are not making the most of these new opportunities, your business risks being left behind.

The first generation of digital marketing platforms are limited by their complexity, usable if you had a big budget and a dedicated marketing department but hard to grapple with for smaller businesses and those without strong in- house marketing and technology expertise. So, I set out to create a new type of digital marketing platform that made sense, one that is truly user friendly and harnesses technology to make the best marketing tools available to all businesses.

What we have created with Boma is the kind of added-value service that Xero’s accounting and bookkeeping clients will really benefit from. They already understand how Xero’s cloud accounting package helps them so are open to complementary technology.

When I first approached Xero Founder Rod Drury he immediately understood saying “Boma is the tool we were looking for to be able to boost Xero’s community of accounting and bookkeeping practices. Now, we can provide the content campaigns for our Xero Practice partners, becoming their virtual marketing team.”

Our partnership with Xero has highlighted the tangible benefits Boma can bring to professionals who are great at what they do but need some help getting their message out. What our positive reception at Xerocon Melbourne proved is that accountants are not oblivious to the benefits of technology and marketing, many are ready to embrace next generation software and techniques, but like most professional sectors they need the right guidance and tools to make it work for them without diverting excessive time and resource from delivering their core business.

All small and medium businesses need to engage with their customers online but digital marketing is complex, requiring ever more sophisticated and creative campaigns across multiple channels with, crucially, appropriate content. To get the most from digital marketing it is important to gather and analyse the results of your campaign so you can improve audience engagement for the next one.

Using Boma with Xero HQ makes all this super easy. Together, we give you access to a wealth of custom created and designed content that is appropriate for accountants and bookkeepers to engage with their clients. Each campaign is easy to build and distribute across all the key channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and email, and the clear and easy to navigate screens make campaign building and analysis simple.

Successful digital marketing for Accountants and Bookkeepers improves brand recognition, client acquisition and retention and promotes revenue growth. Rod Drury probably summed it up best saying “These campaigns will help them attract new customers and grow their business. How cool is that?”

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Ian Christie

Ian was previously CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, becoming Worldwide Account Director from their London HQ. Co-Founder of ChannelFlip, a video-on-demand channel bought by Elisabeth Murdoch’s Shine Group and Founding shareholder and CMO of Findly, a recruitment software company, sold to Silicon Valley private-equity giant Symphony Technology Group in 2013.