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Easy & free conversions to Xero with Jet Convert


Have you spent hours dealing with Excel, importing and exporting, to get a client’s desktop data into Xero? Or have you ever started afresh because it was too much work?  Well here’s where Jet Convert can come to the rescue!

Jet Convert is Xero’s conversion service supplier in Australia, Asia and the US.  We convert a variety of desktop software into Xero with all transactions. The best part it is that you can trust our conversion service to do it right. We are the experts. (Bonus – it’s free thanks to Xero!)

Why Jet Convert?

Back in 2012 Jet Convert was born of the belief that any repetitive data entry could be automated and as a result to date Jet Convert have completed over 30,000 data conversions.

Jet Convert’s in-house developed conversion software reads the data directly from the source file, converts it with over 180 rules, and pushes it directly into Xero. Our conversion process is fully automated and systemized including checking every conversion account by account to make sure all the data treatments have been translated correctly as a Xero transaction. Our staff only intervene where there are transactions in the desktop file that don’t match conversion rules – generally due to errors in the source file.

All of our staff, from developers through to support, are Xero certified. Our post conversion Xero coaches are leading data migration experts and hold a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Change Management

Converting from one accounting system to another can be daunting and there never seems to be a good time to do it. Jet Convert makes any time a good time. Whether it is the end of the financial year, the end of a VAT/GST or Tax quarter or in the middle of a month, any time is good to go.

Jet Convert provides a mirror image of your data. Plan to work in your old desktop today and then be working in Xero within 3 business days (or sooner if you do some preparation) and if you have payroll in your desktop accounting package, we suggest do a payrun, reconcile your data and then convert. We then take over and make your transition seamless.

Not only is the conversion free courtesy of Xero, and we do all the work for you; the automated conversions are superior to manual setup because:

  1. Automation means no data entry errors and absolute confidence between old and new.
  2. Rapid conversion means a fast change from desktop to Xero.
  3. Xero audit shows any changes made to data for compliance tracking.
  4. You’re in the Cloud and not on a server!!
  5. All of your data is safe and secure in the Xero cloud protected for up to 7 years.
  6. The data is in Xero and their powerful artificial intelligence uses your data relationship history to work.
  7. You get peace of mind with leading edge stringent security protocols in place to protect client data.

What do I get for free?

  • The Xero sponsored conversion provides the following:
  • All transactions for the current plus previous financial year
  • Contacts
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Items
  • Open invoices & bills, credit notes, quotes, purchase orders.
  • All bank transactions, including both reconciled and unreconciled
  • Payroll (for Australian and USA files).

We can potentially provide you an an additional 2 years of transactional history for $110 per year.  This means you can receive back to to the start of the 2015 financial year. (Note MYOB files need to be in the 2015 FY or earlier). We can also offer bonus services such as monthly comparative balances and customisation of your chart of accounts for a small fee.

Sounds good – what do I do now?

  1. Prepare the MYOB file – There is some basic ‘tidy-up’ work that we recommend you do.
  2. Send a backup of your file to us by uploading it directly on our homepage.
  3. Select your service – When your MYOB file has been analysed you will receive an email that asks you to go to your status page to select your conversion service, and then also to confirm your bank mapping. This may just be a matter of seconds or make take a few hours, it depends on the data in your MYOB file.
  4. Receive the Xero subscription containing all your data & your file specific Action Checklist.



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About the author

Hugh Butler, General Manager, Jet Convert

Originally a scientist, turned technology enthusiast, Hugh has been a founder or involved in over 10 businesses including startup companies since early 1990’s and continues to coach or mentor businesses. In the last 2 years Hugh has become an author with a book for change management for the health and diet – The Take-Out Diet. That, Jet, and grandchildren keeps him young.