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Blueprint for a case study

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Profiling a real-life client via a case study is a powerful way to share with potential customers what your business delivers, and explain how your business can help them. A compelling story resonates with people and is proof your solution works.

Case studies are an essential element of your content marketing toolkit, and can be used on business websites or brochures, and used in different mediums like podcasts or videos. To facilitate the development of your own killer case studies, here’s a simple guide split into three parts:

– An explanation of the different elements of the case study.
– Fourteen areas to cover or questions to ask your case study client – simply substitute ‘the solution’ for the product or service you provide.
– An example case study – Linen Hire from Di Simmons, implementing RentalSaaS. (This example case study is interspersed throughout this guide in the green boxes.)

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