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Who is Fippet? ServiceM8 Partner of the Year!


A small business owner from the country town of Howlong (NSW, Australia) Jodi Homer via her business “Fippet” has taken out ServiceM8’s inaugural “Partner of the Year – Australia” for 2017…

The award was announced at a ServiceM8 & Deputy Partner celebrations evening in the leadup to Xerocon at Southbank.

Jodi is a partner and advisor with all three systems (ServiceM8, Deputy and Xero).

Jodi has been involved with ServiceM8 since 2013 when her own family business (Wodonga’s Landscapability) was looking for a way to professionalise, streamline and become paperless.

After trialling a number of programs her staff gave ServiceM8 the thumbs up, so that is what the business went with.

Jodi being desperate to learn more found herself in touch regularly with the team at ServiceM8. After learning ServiceM8 inside out, her contacts suggested she become an independent ServiceM8 Partner, offering consultation, setup and training services.

At the time Jodi had already set up her business “Fippet” as more of a website and social media management consultation service for helping small business, so the ServiceM8 partnership fitted in nicely, not realising that it would take off (and take over as her main line of business) as it did.

Three years down the track it is now earning a nice income and Jodi is looking to expand her business. “The award is a bonus, and a real feather in the cap!” Jodi said.

Jodi prides herself on promoting only the systems she uses, and has a very thorough knowledge of how to apply the systems to a large variety of businesses. She has clients all over the country, and even one in the US, made possible by the new world of cloud managed technology offering freedom and accessibility for small businesses.

A partner can help by guiding business owners through the new software and the changes that are about to happen in their business. Although there is no one app or system that 100% suits every business, Jodi’s skill is finding a great business solution for her clients.

Connecting ServiceM8 and Xero

“I find that bookkeepers and accountants, whilst being awesome at dealing with the financial side of Xero, they don’t have time to spend teaching their clients how to use it.

There is an extra level when you bring in an app like ServiceM8 – there can be complications regarding how inventory items move across, especially with regards to partial invoicing.

But simply providing hints, tips and shortcuts to my clients, I can streamline their business, and accountants and bookkeepers are finding that the end result is a much tidier system from their end as well.

I spend a lot of time sorting out very messy Xero accounts also, helping my clients understand the need to keep on top of reconciliations, and to understand the connection between ServiceM8 and Xero.

ServiceM8 helping Partners

Without the support of ServiceM8 and their partner program, Fippet would not be where it is today. The incentives provided make it worth my while to provide awesome customer service, and in the process I also help business owners with many other aspects of their business.

It does come back to the support received from ServiceM8 however and the ability to make passive income from commissions and ultimately maintain an association with clients gained through those looking to try out the ServiceM8 system.

With the ServiceM8 back up, I can provide an affordable service for my clients and also earn some income for those clients who are happy to remain partnered with Fippet due to the awesome personal service they receive.

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About the author

Jodi Homer, Owner Operator, Fippet

Jodi was born in Deniliquin NSW and moved to the regional hub of Albury/Wodonga in 1997. She has a passion for all things equestrian, has competed at high levels in a number of disciplines and loves training young horses in her spare time.

She is married to Peter and between them they have four adult daughters, the youngest just completing their schooling now.