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TradeGecko, the cloud-based inventory management system to power up your business

For business owners, inventory management is crucial for maximizing profit, reducing storage costs, and keeping track of all your stock, orders and customers in one place…

In 2012, three entrepreneurs from New Zealand – brothers Cameron and Bradley Priest, along with Carl Thompson – planned to create a tool to help x the inventory headaches Carl had experienced while running his own clothing label. Seeing an opportunity in Southeast Asia, they relocated to Singapore and joined JFDI, a prominent technology accelerator. It was here that they created the foundation of what would become their inventory and order management platform: TradeGecko.

Today, TradeGecko is a growing company with one simple aim: helping small and medium sized companies to build the businesses of their dreams by bringing simplicity, efficiency and control to the complex world of inventory management. We currently serve a global customer base in over 100 countries and have offices in Singapore, Canada and the Philippines.

What does TradeGecko do?

Traditionally, businesses once relied on ledgers and spreadsheets to help them keep track of their stock – an inefficient and outdated method which is highly prone to human error. Modern businesses that customers can buy from you anywhere, anytime.

TradeGecko also works for businesses and brands that need to easily manage their products, customers and orders even while they’re on the go – thanks to our iPhone and iPad app, TradeGecko Mobile. The app allows wholesalers and eCommerce business owners to keep their entire product catalog in their mobile device, enabling them to sell anywhere, from trade shows to customer meetings. On top of that, it also doubles up as a customer relationship management (CRM) system so that our customers can reach their contacts directly through the app.

Integration with Xero: how it works

Our team here at TradeGecko has created a first-class integration with Xero, and we’re proud to say that feedback so far has been extremely positive. Last year, we made some major improvements to our Xero integration, to make life even easier for the small business owners we serve. The platform now has support for tracking categories and improved error logs, making it even easier to sort financial transactions coming from TradeGecko. have learned that as their business grows, their inventory becomes larger and more diverse. Further adding to the complexity, they also have to deal with multiple sales channels, warehouses and stakeholders.

TradeGecko’s goal is to keep things simple, empowering eCommerce and wholesale merchants by helping them to save time, work smarter, sell more and gain access to enterprise-level tools. Our platform combines inventory management operations, critical business applications and online commerce into one – which frees our customers to spend less time on running their business and more time growing it.

Which businesses will benefit the most from using TradeGecko?

TradeGecko is perfect for businesses that have most of their growth and/or revenue coming from wholesale or online sales. Our software has been specifically designed to help these businesses scale up, streamline their inventory management, and integrate with their eCommerce operations.

Our B2B eCommerce Store allows merchants to create a private online store for their wholesale customers. You can customize the look and feel for brand consistency, control which products buyers will see and build custom price lists. If customers already have an existing B2C eCommerce store on Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento, TradeGecko can automatically pull those products and publish them on the B2B eCommerce Store, so Sales and purchase orders are now automatically created in Xero as invoices. You can also track the cost of goods sold, stock on hand, and stock adjustments, which are automatically created and updated in your Xero account.

How we help our customers

Many of the merchants that come to TradeGecko have either run their business through spreadsheets, or are from an eCommerce platform. These businesses are growing, and have realized that they need new solutions to support that growth.

While exciting, it can also be overwhelming, and there can be some hesitation in making the transition – which is why we have an amazing Sales and Success team to help ensure that our customers can get up and running on TradeGecko as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Additionally, we have an active partner community to help with more sophisticated setups.

TradeGecko’s global partner program

Our global partner program is an incredible opportunity that makes it even simpler for individuals and businesses to refer clients to TradeGecko, provide resources and support for those clients, and get paid for their efforts.

Partners get access to industry- leading tools, world-class support from a dedicated Partner Manager, and strong financial incentives.

“TradeGecko’s powerful integrations and ease of use make it our recommended app to businesses that need inventory management.” – SMB Consultants, Xero Cloud Integrator.

We’re always ready to welcome more Partners who share our vision.

What the future looks like

For the rest of 2017 and beyond, our company will be focusing on two key areas:

1. Introducing more merchants to the TradeGecko solution and showcasing how we can help them run their business

2. Supporting existing merchants on TradeGecko to ensure we cater all key aspects of running their business as they continue to grow and scale up Our customers are our priority, and we want to work together with them as a strong partner in their entrepreneurial journey.

New and emerging trends for SMEs

We’ve recently launched TradeGecko Payments for the SME wholesale industry, which we’re really excited about. Previously, wholesale merchants might spend well over five hours per week processing payments manually, due to the challenges of integrating multiple payment systems into their business processes.

Now, wholesalers in the United States, UK, Australia and Singapore can bill their customers in a single click – without leaving TradeGecko.

TradeGecko Payments will give wholesalers better operational control of their cash flow from a single dashboard that summarizes the account balance, payments and payouts history. Every invoice from TradeGecko also comes with a “Pay Invoice” function to facilitate a faster payment experience.

We are currently working to add advanced functionality to TradeGecko Payments, and make it available to more countries around the world.

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Cameron Vernest

Cameron Vernest is a CPA, CMA and holds a MBA in Finance & Accounting residing in Toronto, Canada. Accounting became the foundation of his career with Johnson and Johnson. Excited by what he was seeing in the eCommerce and mobile space he jumped to Shopify. From there it was a short hop, skip and jump to TradeGecko where he is Director, Strategic Partnerships leading TradeGecko’s global partnerships and business development.