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Written by David Hodges

The app that offers a new approach to field service

What if small Service business owners could take full control and streamline their operations from their mobile? Saving time, reducing costs, erasing paperwork and harmonising communication between team members and clients is what software provider Loc8 proposes by introducing its brand-new edition; Lite. Specifically designed for small Service businesses, Lite is the new solution that tradies, contractor and any service providers will swear by!

Lite allows service businesses to be in sync with the modern era

After many years working with large enterprise / global companies and gaining an understanding of the challenges small service providers face in today’s market, it became clear to me that service businesses, large and small needed better tools to help them improve customer service, organise their job and invoicing process and manage their field teams. Our team started the journey to build a platform that was simple and easy to deploy, could grow with our customers as they grew and continued to meet the expectations and demands from big business and the global customers we began working within 2011. I describe the release of our Loc8 Lite edition as the end of the start of this journey.

The adoption of technology in the service industry can be enormously beneficial to businesses, regardless of their size, improving process, automation, communication, visibility, and reporting. However, we learnt early on that the implementation of software platforms and new technologies can only be successful when they are deployed and configured based on well-defined process and policy. My advice to business owners looking for service management platforms is to begin writing down your processes and ensuring your team understands them. From there the selection of the right platform becomes obvious.

We try to build technology that is intuitive and easy to understand, is consistent and reliable, meets the security and operational requirements our customers demand and above all helps our customers manage their businesses, improving service and reporting on their performance so they can improve and grow. Many of our customers join the Loc8 community after using spreadsheets and email for many years, and the change they see is significant and sometimes challenging, but ultimately hugely beneficial as it helps them become more competitive, more profitable and more organised. For the owners of these businesses that often translates to more home, family and relaxation time.

The Loc8 Lite edition really is a “get the job done” solution providing Jobs, Quotes, and Invoices for free with no user limits. We want to transform customer service and field operations for small businesses for free.

Loc8 Lite makes both service providers and their customers happy!

Loc8 Lite is user friendly / intuitive and includes a host of features built specifically for smaller operators. There is no need for users to be tech savvy and no training is required. The platform is ready to use immediately after signing up and of course, our iOS and Android apps work seamlessly once you’re all set up. All users have a bunch of help material at their disposal and all-you-need live chat with our customer support team to assist them at any point during the setup process, or at any time support is required.

There is no limit to the number of users that can be created in Lite, meaning Loc8 can be rolled out to the entire workforce, which is usually one of the major limiting factors in implementing field service software. Beyond users, unlimited collaborators can also be created, who are essentially people who can’t log into Loc8 but still have a role to play, such as job contacts and so on.

The heart of Loc8 for small businesses is our collaborative job management solution, which is feature rich yet incredibly simple. On any job, add a customer, the job location, a list of tasks to be performed and an appointment time that best suits the customer. The job can then be assigned to one or more technicians who can perform the work in-field via our iOS or Android mobile apps. All of their work logs including travel time, on-site time, completed tasks and photos are recorded against the job and are instantly available to any other user on any other device.

What if there’s no mobile reception? We’ve got that covered too. So long as technicians have their jobs downloaded on their phones before they go out of reception they can work in offline mode, and all changes will be uploaded when they next have coverage.

Depending on how customers are charged, i.e. for time, tasks, or both, all recorded work logs can be assigned a value, and are then immediately ready to invoice. Simply generate the invoice from the job, confirm the charge items and then send it to the customer. If you’re integrated with Xero all payments and invoice status changes will then be synced back into Loc8.

“Jobs and work orders are easily tailored to align with client work procedures as simple or as comprehensive as you like and capture all the data points from scanning meter or comms modules, serial numbers and barcodes, to capturing site photos which are readily accessible in real time by back of ce staff or clients depending on how the system is con gured.”

Kevin Brown – Director, Elektrotech, Melbourne Australia

Beyond providing a better solution for service businesses operationally, customers benefit too. By centralising job details and work logs, customers can be notified in real-time when a technician is due to arrive, and once the work is done can be provided field service reports and invoices that are detailed, accurate and timely, which we’ve found directly translates to a more positive experience and willingness to pay on time.

All service businesses should join the Lite movement today!

Lite is free, easy to implement and accessible from any smartphone. It’s a ready to use solution that tradies should check out now!

My team and I believe that the platform is a game changer for the field service industry and especially for small businesses and their teams evolving in this sector. We help reduce the endless calls with field staff, reduce the paperwork and administrative burdens and up the ante when it comes to delivering good service to your customers.

Its intuitive interface allows Lite users to get a direct and clear overview of their daily workload and to understand where they are at financially, giving users full insight into their business.

Financial management which was once a tedious and time-consuming task is now all very straight forward with Lite. Users are now on top of their finances 24/7 and get paid on time! Quotes can be directly created from the system; once customers accept them, they are directly converted to a job ready for technicians to action. With our smart Xero and QuickBooks integrations, all invoices can be created, managed and generated from one central location.

“We position Lite as an easy to use job management app that allows tradies and small businesses to get their hands on some new tech for no cost, ensuring they get the right job details, get paid and get home on time.”

Neil Cameron – Director of Growth, Loc8, Melbourne Australia

We are committed to providing a class-leading solution for small business with Loc8 Lite, now and into the future. Through 2018 and onwards we have some incredibly exciting features planned, including in-field payment capture, an advanced drag-and-drop calendar, and intelligent availability-based scheduling, plus a host of other incredible features that we’re keeping under wraps for a bit longer.

We are pleased to have created an app that supports small businesses through their challenges helping them to improve their business operations, save time, reduce costs and ultimately, deliver better customer service!

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David Hodges

With over 25 years of experience in the technology and software industry David’s greatest focus is on innovation and technology that benefits field service, process management, customer service and automation. Since creating Loc8 in 2011, David and his team have worked hard to create the app that understands service businesses requirements and helps them to run their daily operations smoothly.