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Q&A with Gary Deans Box Accounts

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From Paper to Cloud

Gary Deans is CEO of Box Accounts based in North East England and we asked Gary how he has managed to transfer a client who is reliant upon manual paperwork and basic spreadsheets to the Xero cloud-based accounting system…


What were the first difficulties in persuading the client to change?


The first thing was to gain the trust of the client. They had engaged us to advise them the best way of accounting as the staff were finding excessive time-taking in the manual way they had done things in the past. It also helps that we are a Xero ‘Expert’ with over 25 years of accounting experience in business.


How did you approach giving the client the best advice of a cloud accounting system?


We always start with the Bank Feed and how easy it is to set up. We show on the demonstration data of how the transactions are fed through to Xero and how easy it is to reconcile. Clients love how quick and simple it is.

Then showing the user-friendly way of invoicing to clients with the various tracking they can set.

Finally, we show them that scanning the paper invoice to xero can be allocated quickly and proof is automatically stored to that particular transaction. Showing the client the Xero app on our iphone and how to quickly add a file was also persuasive.


You say they were scanning ‘paper’ invoices to Xero. Is that not doubling up on purchase invoices?


Not at all, the client was receiving emails with purchase invoices and as we demonstrated to them that they could email directly to their Xero system, they did not need to print them off! Saving them money on print and even giving the feel good factor of saving the trees. As each transaction entered also had the unique purchase invoice number in the reference there is not chance of ‘doubling’ up as other systems can allow.


So can you estimate how much time you have saved them?


Yes, we can usually estimate the time taken on manual entries to spreadsheets, filing, reviewing the totals etc. This is even considering time on bank entries which weren’t even being done! In this particular client’s case we estimated that around 8 hours per week were being saved in the accounting process and also because they linked us as their advisor on Xero we could even produce management accounts for their business review on a regular basis.


What would you advise to other companies doing this method?


What I would advise is this: if you would like time to grow your business or even to save time on processes then please get away from manual paperwork and change to a cloud-based accounting system like Xero. It will improve your business instantly!

Also make sure that you employ the services of an Accountant who is a Xero Expert, they will save you so much time in the long run!

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