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Microkeeper in the marketplace

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Written by Joel Davis

The latest addition to the Xero marketplace, Microkeeper is Australia’s all-in-one software solution to Rosters Timesheets and Payroll.

Joel Davis, Co-Founder and Software Developer at Microkeeper talks about creating Australia’s first integrated Rosters Timesheet and Payroll, joining the Xero marketplace and why software solutions are the key to business growth.

When presented with a problem, business instincts kick in and we start thinking of solutions.

Accounting issues? Talk to an accountant.

Sales issue? Talk to a marketing firm.

Workload overflow? Hire more staff.

However, in the modern world of business, our human instincts can sometimes let us down. Too often we try to apply a quick band-aid fix, rather than taking a step back to consider long-term, scalable solutions.

Business weak spots are often amplified when undergoing expansion. Whether it’s multiple worksites, extended hours or additional employees.

How these growing pains are dealt with can be the difference between a short-lived boom and setting up a long-term platform for success.

How do we hire over 1000 employees?

How do we deal with invoices coming in from 140 different sites, where over 300 expenses a day need to be claimed?

How do 1500 staff clock on every day and how do we turn that timesheet data into payslips?

In a different era this kind of growth would have been almost impossible, but the answer to all these problems can be summarised in one word…


Like most modern software apps, Microkeeper was developed after witnessing the frustration of repetitive manual business administration tasks. We saw rosters being created in Excel or on whiteboards and payroll officers driving around to multiple worksites to collect timesheet data.

We could see the impact a digital solution could have for these businesses. After some research, we couldn’t find a system that incorporated more than one component (rosters, timesheets or payroll) tailored to the Australian workforce. As these processes are all linked, it made sense to us to have a system that could move through each stage of the wage process.

Recently, our integration with Xero has brought about even more functionality, allowing payroll data to be exported directly into Xero.

This level of automation results in an increased ability to manage more demanding work environments, allowing for easier scalability. We’ve seen businesses grow from 100-1400 staff in a relatively short period of time.

One of our newest users successfully utilised multiple software solutions, in order to ensure its rapid expansion could be achieved as efficiently and pain-free as possible.

Xero was being used prior and could handle the workload as it grew.

Microkeeper was implemented, allowing staff to clock their work hours and assign it to jobs.

And HR software made hiring and onboarding staff to Microkeeper seamless.

Adopting a range of complimentary software solutions prior to their growth made sure they were ready for the changes that came their way. They could then focus on getting their job done without getting bogged down in the paperwork.

There are many different aspects to consider when growing a business, but software should be the first consideration.

Software is not one-size-fits-all. To experience multiple benefits, choose solutions that integrate easily to your existing processes and that are complementary to each other.

Time spent at the start to consider your unique business needs will save time tenfold in the future.

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About the author

Joel Davis

Co-Founder Microkeeper, Software Developer

Self-confessed nerd, Joel has a passion for utilising technology to create efficient processes. Whether it’s stacking the dishwasher or creating Australia’s first comprehensive online payroll solution, Joel looks for the most streamlined way of doing things, and won’t stop until he finds it.

As lead Software Engineer at Microkeeper, he spends his days coding, creating a seamless user experience and, of course, pondering ways to save time.