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Can you improve on Xero? We think so.

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Written by Paul Lawrence

Xero is great, isn’t it? We work with many companies who love this popular accounting platform. We do too, but we also believe any software can and should be improved…

That’s why we’ve worked closely in partnership with Xero to build a comprehensive integration between our two platforms. The result is a fully-synced, cloud-based system which seamlessly blends Xero’s industry-leading accounting software with Salpo’s award-winning business management platform.

But what does that mean, exactly? It means users get all the benefits of Xero’s powerful accounting engine, with the added features and functionality of our dynamic business platform, all without switching between software systems. Specifically, they get accounting, sales, activity and contact management, all in one place. And they gain a 360-degree view of their contacts, including all their personal details and interactions, while easily tracking their account balance, invoice status and transaction history.

And that’s just the start. Not only can users view Xero accounting data, they can also harness the Salpo platform to process that data, filter it and generate live reports to monitor almost limitless variables. Everything is displayed in a widgetised dashboard, for a quick single-screen overview. Users can also push customer orders from the Salpo platform into Xero to generate invoices, specifying ‘draft’ or ‘submitted’ stage, then completing invoice approval within the Xero sign-off framework.

Importantly, the two systems talk to each other, with data quickly synced between Xero and the Salpo platform, enabling instant sharing of records and creating visibility across all teams with designated permissions. While this joined-up approach greatly enhances the power of Xero accounting, we haven’t stopped there. We’ve also built an integration with Dear, the market leading inventory management platform. So, any product-based businesses can complete the loop on contact, accounting and inventory management.

Though we live for technology, we also keep our customers front of mind, shaping our future roadmap to fit their needs. We’ve only scratched the surface of what our platform can do. Truly dynamic software can transform a business, connecting systems, streamlining processes, improving efficiency, increasing productivity and driving sales. We see our platform doing all this and more. And our customers agree.

The future isn’t CRM, accounting or inventory management. And it isn’t just sales pipeline or marketing automation. It’s a combination of them all, working in harmony. With its modular structure and flexibility, the Salpo platform is the perfect vehicle to merge these information systems, providing a truly unified, future-proof business platform.

We’re excited about what the future holds for us, our customers and our partners. We’d love you to join us, to see where we can go.


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About the author

Paul Lawrence

CEO, Salpo Technologies.

Paul Lawrence has 20+ years’ experience within the IT and telecoms industry, helping businesses across all verticals to articulate, develop and implement technology solutions, from startups through to FTSE 100 companies. As Salpo CEO, Paul is driving the rapid growth of this progressive tech company, while fostering a culture of innovation, focused on pushing the boundaries of software development, to deliver transformational business solutions.